The Boaz Thing

I’m finally able to attend church today.  How refreshing it is!  I also love the food after.  Haha!

After more than a month of not attending sunday services, I am finally connected to my spiritual family.  Coincidentally, the topic is about Nehemiah, same as that in Victory.

I had to walk home though.  I realized that I would go the distance just to have a taste of God.  It only means that I love God that I would do this for Him.  Good thought.  Though I know that I am able to love God because He first loved me.

I had a dream about this Boaz.  That is how active my conscious mind is that it affects my subconscious.  So this afternoon, I spent time trying to figure out why.  Why is this Boaz the one who came to my mind when I read that devotional?  Why were there moments in which I would think that it could be?

My mind says yes but my heart says no.  My heart is heavily guarded.  Thank You God for that.  I was telling God that if I were to let anyone in, let him be the one that is from God.  I told Him that He will be the One to put him, whoever he is, in my heart.  Plus, there isn’t even a hint that I am his Ruth.  Haha!

So for now, I hope this Boaz thing will leave my thoughts for now.

The love of God overflows through me.  I hope to be able to share this love with others.  One way I can think of is to let His will be done.   That will to let His command to make disciples begin.

One thought on “The Boaz Thing

  1. Praying for you, Jas. 🙂

    My heart has deceived me soooo many times. I pray that you will really hold on to what He says in His Word. Stand firm. Don’t compromise. 🙂

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