The Boaz Thing

I’m finally able to attend church today.  How refreshing it is!  I also love the food after.  Haha!

After more than a month of not attending sunday services, I am finally connected to my spiritual family.  Coincidentally, the topic is about Nehemiah, same as that in Victory.

I had to walk home though.  I realized that I would go the distance just to have a taste of God.  It only means that I love God that I would do this for Him.  Good thought.  Though I know that I am able to love God because He first loved me.

I had a dream about this Boaz.  That is how active my conscious mind is that it affects my subconscious.  So this afternoon, I spent time trying to figure out why.  Why is this Boaz the one who came to my mind when I read that devotional?  Why were there moments in which I would think that it could be?

My mind says yes but my heart says no.  My heart is heavily guarded.  Thank You God for that.  I was telling God that if I were to let anyone in, let him be the one that is from God.  I told Him that He will be the One to put him, whoever he is, in my heart.  Plus, there isn’t even a hint that I am his Ruth.  Haha!

So for now, I hope this Boaz thing will leave my thoughts for now.

The love of God overflows through me.  I hope to be able to share this love with others.  One way I can think of is to let His will be done.   That will to let His command to make disciples begin.