Learning From Ruth

I like how Pastor Joseph Prince puts the lessons on the Book of Ruth:

The moment Ruth depended on God’s grace or favor, she had full access to His blessings.   She’s been granted favor by Boaz, the owner of the field where she is working.

When we depend on God, He’ll give us Boazes in our lives.  Why?  Because God loves us.

In love, women should choose their Boaz and not just some guys.

Boaz favored Ruth from the moment he laid eyes on her. Ruth was not even a Jew, yet he cared for her safety by telling her not to glean in another field and to stay close to his young women. He even commanded the young men working for him not to touch her and to allow her to drink the water which they had drawn

Isn’t that romantic?  To meet our Boaz who would care for our safety and all that?  Women and men should not wait further for their Boaz to arrive, He’s already here and we just have to acknowledge it–our Boaz is God.  God favors us from the moment He conceived the thought about us.  Most of us are not even Jews (His chosen people), yet God cares for our safety by telling us not to glean in another field and to stay close to Him (through the Bible, missionaries, evangelists).

God loves us first that is why we love Him.  God favors whom He loves.

Ruth simply believed that she would find favor in the field that God placed her at the right place at the right time, so that He could open a big door of blessings to her.

Wow!  Just like Ruth, I have to believe.  I’ve got to have faith that I will always find favor in the field that God places me in.  Be here or back home.  That God will open big doors of blessings for me.

Ruth was blessed enough to be married to a Jew whom God is their God.  Lucky her, but all of us can be “lucky”, too.  We are lucky because through Jesus, God extended salvation to all mankind and not just to the Jews.  We are lucky because the Holy Spirit is moving the hearts of Christians to go into the world and share the Good News.

Ruth has suffered pain and loss.  The loss of her husband and becoming a widow.  Yet it has to happen so she would be forced to go back to Israel to meet Boaz so she could have children that will bear David and in the line of David, Jesus will be born.  God can use our pain to create something great.

Ruth is humble.  She humbly accepts her responsibility to Naomi, her mother-in-law.  She humbly accepts that she would have to work and get the leftovers of the other field workers.

Ruth is responsible.  She takes care of Naomi.  She attends to her responsibility.

Ruth listens to wise people.  She listens to the counsel of Naomi.  She is obedient to her.

Such great lessons to think about.

To end this post is this picture: