Spring Time


Make a List

[Monday, September 10, 2012]

“Keep a journal now of the things I do for you in the months to come, both great and small. For You will see greater supernatural acts than you have known thus far, but keep a list of them. Then surely you will find from your list that through Me there is nothing impossible, says the Lord.”

That’s the one written in today’s prophecy from One Voice Ministries.  Let’s see.  This is exciting! 🙂

I want to continue with my quiet/prayer time with God.  And also my coffee date with God.  I’ve found this place here with very nice coffee.  Maybe 2 hours spent there is not bad enough.  I want to have more of Jesus!  🙂


It is spring already here.  That means I can go anywhere even without a jacket.  Yahoo!!!  I want warmer weather!

My life is going to be okay. 🙂