Emotional Purity

There is the whisper that I have to look and deal with my emotional purity.  I’ve been asking out loud when I will have a love life.

I love how God has been actively dealing with me.

Spending eternity with God is the reward that I want in this life.

This evening after work, I experienced something sweet.  I spent time with friends while eating burger, fries, and coke beside the park while listening to music and sharing stories with them.  Sweet moments away from home.  Thank You God for moments like this. 🙂

I like listening to Light FM online.  I like the positive/Christian music they are playing.

I am also reading the book Emotional Purity.  It’s time to read this, I guess.

I’ve heard some good news from friends.  So happy for them.

I’m so blessed to feel God’s presence in my life right now. 🙂

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