There I Go

I blame it on the romantic movies I’ve been watching these past few days but now I am thinking about marriage and love.  Love is very powerful.  It can hold on for a very long time.  It is willing to wait.  Thank God He commanded me to find my identity in Him.  I am surprised by how I can give some advice on love and marriage.  Maybe God is able to teach me how to love.  We thought that we will only know how to love when we are in a relationship, but we can learn how to love even if we are single.  We thought that we can only be complete when we are in a relationship, but no, God is the Only One who can complete us.

It’s almost a year since I became single again.  To find my identity in Christ is one of the first commands of God in my life.  To not be afraid of being alone.  I’ve been blessed by the kindness of E for understanding and for letting go.  I am not perfect and E is not perfect.  But the grace of God paved the way for his kindness and gentleness.  God has made it so easy for me.  He knows my heart.  He knows just how to transform me.  If I could trust God with my love life, then I should also trust Him with my career and with my whole life.  There are still issues left that God is yet to deal with me but I know that it’s going to be okay.

The ability to love is a grace from God.  Everything is from the grace of God.

Something in me is changing again.  Like God is revealing something to me gradually.  It’s been a year well spent because I have God in my life.  E and I may have lost one another, but we have found God.

Wow, Lord You are really amazing!


It’s time.  To eat healthy that is. 🙂  I miss the taste of vegetables.  Is that even possible?!  Maybe it’s because all I eat here are sweet and salty.  I want to nourish my body now.

I owe it to myself to nourish my body.