I am like the Jewish people in the desert. Always complaining. I’ve seen the miracles that God has done in my life but still in the middle of the desert, it is scary, uncertain. It is grace that the people around me are still patient. It’s only a matter of time. I’ve lost my faith in people a long time ago. My faith in God I’ve been trying to find. Without God, I’m as good as dead.

Why would You bring me here then abandon me in the end?
Don’t test me Lord
You know how weak I am
Without You how can I live?
I want to serve You
How can I?
Show me how
Lord, remember me, your coward, selfish servant
Strengthen me
Give me the grace to love You still
To love You more
Despite the disappointments
I don’t want to be a burden anymore
Grant me favor Lord God
Be in my life
Restore me
Don’t hide Your face from me
Be kind to me
Save me
I pray that You will remember me again

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