The Day

It is someone’s birthday. I never thought that I’d be here already, miles apart from them. I have other expectation.


The sky was clear yesterday as my friend and I, along with her sister walked the nearby park.

We saw people running around Tan Track, just enjoying their sundays. We were enjoying our sunday too. It is just that my feet were already painful.

We also went to Queen Victoria Market where there are lots of cheese, choco, and bread. I love that place. I love bread!

I tried “borek” the spicy lamb one. It was quite spicy but I love the hot bread. But the spices and lamb can do a lot on one’s breath. So be ready to pop in a mint candy after.


The famous American doughnut with jam. Good thing I am not into donuts because the line here was loooong… 🙂


The only flower shop in this market. It’s colorful that is why I asked my friend to take this picture of me with the flowers. 🙂


Melbourne City. So pretty and quite clean. But I think I love it more at night when the old buildings look even more old–ladden with wisdom.

You are going to love me Melbourne. 🙂