I am such a tourist. I never really planned on roaming the city just for the sake of roaming it. I’m on a budget here, remember. 🙂 But I guess God wanted me to be a tourist for a while and enjoy the view.

I went inside this pharmacy and this lady asked me the customer service way. I thought she was Chinese or Malaysian or Australian because of her accent. I was surprised because she suddenly asked me, “Pilipino ka?”

It took me a while to regain from shock.

By God’s grace I have hope here.

Anyway, here are pictures of Flinders Station and the famous buildings here because of their architecture!






I don’t want to flood you with photos so thess would suffice by now.

Funny story. I am not really used to converse in English much more with someone who has an Australian accent, so there were these two volunteers explaining a cause. I went along with it just so I could converse with him to brush up on my english. Then I told him in the end that I am still looking for work. He had that disappointing look but it was okay.

Another is an old couple asked me if I could take their pictures. They were Asian. I guess I look trustworthy and approachable enough. Nice. 🙂

The city is beautiful but I guess it is expensive to live there. I would rather stay in the suburbs.

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