I’ve been so busy!  So busy with everything!

God has finally given me His promise–all I have to do is to enter it.  I know that God will be with me in every step of the way.  That He will not abandon me.  He’s been making all these wonderful things in my life. 🙂 He’s been teaching me–guiding me in every step of  the way.

God is really good.  I love You Lord.

This lunch I made tuna mayo sandwich. I ate three sandwiches–so yummy.  My Mom ate two. 🙂  One sandwich is just 182 Calories.  I also bought singkamas. I guess that singkamas has been there for a long time and I am the only one buying it…haha!  Also, I bought sweet potato for dinner later!

My weight loss has stopped this week.  I hope I’ll be able to start losing weight again next week. 🙂