Savory Saturday

Happy Saturday!

It’s always good to go home because I can buy the food that I want to eat because I am allowed to cook.  Actually, I don’t really cook, I let my sister cook for me.  I just buy the vegetables and other ingredients and she’ll be in charge of cooking.

I went to the mall to buy food and I was happy to find wholewheat pancake.  It’s rare to find something healthy like that here. 🙂

Before that, for breakfast I ate two rice cakes.  I was really starving then because I had late breakfast.  I went to the mall after but while walking at the mall, my stomach started growling and I was feeling queasy and so I decided to eat at Savory Chicken, home of the best savory chicken.  They had a promo, for Php99, they serve1 piece chicken, rice, veggie side dish, and juice/iced tea (16oz).

I only get to picture the iced tea because I was really starving then I didn’t get the chance to take pic of my food! Haha! 🙂

After the grocery visit, I went home and look what I’ve bought!

As I’m typing this, the whole wheat pancake is already almost gone! 🙂

Before I end this post, current weight 138 lbs!  Progress! 🙂

Have a nice saturday!

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