Be careful not to drift away. Drifting comes subtly. Before wwe know it we’re already out of focus. The previous weeks showed me how to drift away. I was out of focus. I was no longer happy. That is why it’s important to check ourselves every once in a while–if possible check ourselves everyday.

God does not like lukewarm people and He will spit these people out. Those who have heard the gospel yet decided to stay in the middle is not what God wants.

I always thought that God is more into checking our faults but these past few days He showed me that He is kind and full of grace. and most of all He loves me. Getting to know Him more and more 🙂

I want what my faith sisters have with God–a very deep relationship. They constantly communicate and they hear Him very clearly in every areas of their lives–career, love life, ministry and others. I want to be in His presence constantly–for Him to speak to me all the time 🙂

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