Silent Night

It’s only now that the song Silent Night’s meaning becomes clear to me. Jesus was born not with a bang but silently. Only the shepherd came to visit him. He was lying on the cold manger. Jesus came for His people.

God understands and knows our pain and our discomfort. He comes to be with us–for the weary and tired.

Jesus came to save us.

SAVE. Such a nice word.

This Christmas, the message imparted to us is to share Jesus. I have an idea on how to do that through our traditional Christmas Party.

I asked them several questions about the Christmas story and it was funny because they keep answering them wrong. It was funny. But it was good that I was somehow able to share them the Christmas story. It was lovely. I am glad for the opportunity.

One good thing about this Christmas was attending church service Christmas morning. The church is generous enough to give out prizes for people like mobile phones and spa treatment vouchers.

It’s been fun.

As for food, we didn’t really prepare anything. We just fried chicken, rice, and lumpiang shanghai, and bought chiffon cake from the nearby bakery.

2 thoughts on “Silent Night

  1. Most important is the love shared among all men – that signifies the true meaning of Christmas. As long as there is war and strife, Christmas would have no meaning whatsoever…

  2. sosyal ng premyo. hehe. but am so happy for you to be able to share about the Christmas story. and i guess in that way, you are able to impart your lifestory to them 🙂

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