Christmas has come and gone. I was blessed to have this time to be with my relatives–to bond with them. We drank The Bar Vodka then went to Starbucks later. I also told them about the status of my relationship–or the lack of it. Here in the Philippines, usually during Christmas, Starbucks had a promo of getting the Starbucks journal after completing 23 or less sticker before the promo ends. A journal is given after. The journal is made up of nice, quality paper. I always wanted to have one but buying coffee from Starbucks is not really practical. But last night was my chance of getting my journal–we were 16 which means 16 stickers. But I figured I have lots of journals already and so I gave way to my cousin.

I was thinking of my MUJI loose leaf. Muji store has this beautiful array of paper. It’s quite expensive but when it comes to pen and paper, I tend to spend a lot on them. I love pen and paper. Now all I need is an A5 binder.

I’m getting the hang of putting eyeliner. My eyes come alive when I put on eyeliner. Another learned skill. 🙂

I am currently thinking on what devotional book to buy. 🙂 Something light so I can carry it in my bag with my Bible and something that has a Bible passage to read and not just pure reflections.

I plan to finish reading all of the devotionals sent on my inbox.

I also plan to jog a little this week. But my feet are aching. Oh well, that won’t stop me.

I also plan to blog–hopefully daily while I am on vacation. 🙂

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