Break my heart for what breaks yours…

I am so fired up to advancing the Kingdom of God–to sharing the good news but it was not easy. People in the Philippines already know God but the problem is not a lot has a personal relationship with Him.

Last sunday, I tried to invite a friend to attend the service. She texted me beforehand asking if I was around. I told her I was and invite her to the service but she replied that it was not her thing. I did not respond right away, attended the service first then asked her later what she meant by not her thing. She replied with another it was not just her thing.

I am saddened and hurt, for me and for God. I feel like she’s rejecting me and God.

Apart from Christ, our life falls apart.

Then another friend asked me how I was doing. I think she might have been offended by how I answered her chat messages. But then I tried to be nicer and told her about God’s goodness in my life and how if my ex and I were not meant to be then both our hearts will be changed by God. Then she did not answer me anymore.

I don’t really need people telling me why I had to end the relationship, giving me “lame” excuses. When God speaks, you can’t really avoid it. Obeying Him is far better than all the excuses.

Just plant the seed. šŸ™‚ God will make it grow šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Love

  1. It’s not easy talaga, Jas. Sometimes kasi, it would really take a turning point in our lives to realize that hey, I can’t go through life without Him. I first attended a Christian church in 2000, but I didn’t hear the call then. It took a heartbreak for Him to finally get attention. Pero go lang, don’t stop. Be there when that person needs someone. People will recognize the change in you, and for sure, you will be the first person that they’ll approach when they’re at their lowest. i’m proud of you! šŸ™‚

  2. totoo yun jas, they do not reject you only, but they are in essence rejecting God. nakakalungkot pag ganon, pero just keep praying for them, God in His goodness has a time for them to come to him, and will use people to finish the task šŸ™‚

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