Hainanese Delights

Lots of Singaporean/Malaysian restaurants are being put up around malls here in the Philippines.  Maybe because more people have gone through these two countries, have tasted their dishes, and are now craving for more.

Makansutra in Manila Ocean Park is the most authentic Singaporean Hainanese Chicken meal I have tasted in the Philippines so far.  Not even Hainanese Delights was able to have that kind of sauce.  The sauces I encountered were not thick enough.

But it’s a good thing that Hainanese Delights offered unlimited chicken rice.  And the hainanese chicken serving was big enough for more cups of rice 🙂

Half-way and two cups of rice consumed 🙂

 Its version of chicken rice 🙂


Two celebrants held their treat at Yakimix, one Thursday afternoon of October.  We were fed and so happy after. 🙂

The leche flan was okay but I can taste more of the vanilla rather than the creaminess of egg, milk, and sugar.

This choco mousse looks so enticing.  At first bite it was so creamy.  I was waiting for that bittersweet taste but it’s just sweet.  I didn’t really enjoy this.

Smokeless grill is what I like.  I like how it looks and I love the food in the photo.  Just be sure that you know when it’s cooked already or not. 🙂

When I had the first bite there, all I could say was, “Ang sarap” (It’s so delicious).  I ate and ate to my stomach’s content.  My stomach is just the size of my fist, it extended until it could but all those yummy food couldn’t fit my stomach anymore, thus this left-over.

But I love the ice cream and gummy worms.  It was worth it.  I would definitely come back here if I have the budget. 🙂