The Bus

Unexpected blessing: I was on my way home riding in a bus when the conductor, who was supposed to give me ticket that time, ignored me, he was murmuring something but since I was listening to music, I didn’t understand him. Anyway, he went back, giving me my ticket. I looked at it and was confused because the fare was P25 lower. When he went back to get my payment, I asked him why my fare was only P99, but instead of answering me directly, he asked if I was living in __ street and I said yes and he also asked how I was related to so and so.

The thing is he gave me a discount just because we’re living in the same street.

How nice! 🙂

One thought on “The Bus

  1. Little things mean a lot. See! A little gesture like that has made your day… Too often, we are so self-centred – always thinking about ourselves…what makes us happy, what puts us off…when we should think about others sometimes. Go make someone happy today…and you will find that it will make you very happy too.

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