Slowly but surely

When it comes to love, I don’t really think much before going into relationships.  When I decided on it, I decided on it.  That is why I’ve been through a lot caused by the wrong decisions I did for love.

I often asked God before–WHY.  The answer came to me last week or was it last Sunday.  All of those delays and broken roads happened to protect me.  To prevent me from further destruction.  Until I came to this point when He really have my attention.  So that hopefully I will finally listen to Him on what He wants so that He can finally give me His full promises.  He knows me best.

Before I would often boast that although I don’t believe in long courtship, all the men I’ve been in a relationship with really did love me.  They were serious about me.  But still, none of these end up in marriage.  I may not be in a relationship right now, but if ever if I am to be in one again, since God is already the center of my life, it’s gonna be different.  Whatever happens, whether I get married or not, God is here to transform my heart into the shape that God has chosen for me.  And as proof, I have now been realizing the meaning of LOVE on how it can only come from God that this love that He has for us overflows.  Since this love overflows, it fills us up and in turn it will overflow again.  This overflowing love needs to be expressed and be shared.  Good deeds will happen because of this–kindness, generosity, sincerity, these are the manifestations of the love we have and of being loved by God.

Lord God, thank You.  Surely, surrendering my life to You is an active process.  I’m glad I have chosen You.  I know I am in good hands.

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