I’ve been struggling with losing weight, right?  Then I thought of the glorified body when eternity happens.

Me:  I have hope.  I can still have a perfect body when I finally have my glorified body!

Those who knew what glorified body was laughed. 🙂

A:  Yeah, you have a perfect body but there’ll be no marriage by then…

The joke ends there.

But really, does everyone have to be fit and voluptuous or thin or skinny to get a man?

What I say to that is this:  You don’t have to be thin to be married or to attract the opposite sex, not all men have gorgeous body either!  It still is a win-win situation 🙂

And why do I even want to have a perfect body?  Simple.  I want to be fit and be fast and work and do things easily without having shortness of breath. 🙂