I know things are happening but I can’t really hold up my hands and tell them to stop.  Some desires in my heart are being changed.  God is in the process of fulfilling His promises to me.

I wanted to write something about food, or something about fitness like joining this group from work who go to this club every afternoon to run.  This group was founded by a champion runner here.  Several months from now I’ll join them.  About food, it’s a shame to write about me eating unhealthy food and it will be a bad influence on others who are struggling to eat healthy.  It’s like inception, for example, mention “ice cream” to a group when youre conversing and most often than not, one of them would have cravings for it, if not them, it could even be you. 🙂

Maybe later, I’ll have something interesting to post here.  I’ll be attending the service first and then meet up with college friends. 🙂

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