Victory Weekend

I attended the Victory Weekend at Victory Makati office and AIM’s comference room last saturday and yesterday.  It was such an experience.  Packed with powerful church leaders teaching us and praying for us, I am blessed to have the courage to attend an event like this.  God is present and I’m lucky to have witnessed how the Holy Spirit has given others the ability to speak in tongues, I want that, too.  But I also want the gift of prophesy because that would be cool, too. 🙂

Salvation.  It comes from Jesus.  I have known this a long time ago.  Ever since I was out of college.  Last Saturday, I was struggling with something that I could not just let go.  Though I know that I have to let it go.  I feel like God would not accept me.  Then came the concept of salvation.  And it is too good to be true.  But it’s true.

Victory Weekend is the jumpstart to a transformed life.  We may have struggles now that through the Holy Spirit, will be made known to us.  There are struggles that are hard to overcome but through the faith of Jesus that He will transform us, we will be victorious.  I just pray that I will have the courage and strength to obey His command.  Because I want Him more than anyone.  But right now my identity in God is a little jammed in my head.  I have to relearn again.

I thought coming to Victory Weekend that i should be clean to face God but it’s the other way around.  We come to Victory Weekend with all our sins and throw it at the cross so that it will all be forgiven.  Acknowledging that we are sinners and repenting for being one–that’s a start.  And I am assured that God will continue the good works He started in my life and He will complete it.  He will transform me and guard my heart in the process.

The excitement came back during the water baptism.  It’s just a symbol/act of surrender to God but I know that I have made my choice.  I am choosing Jesus.

This is the start. 🙂