Bracelets and BOV

My glasses are lying comfortably on the cabinet inside my Mom’s room right now.  I forgot to bring it with me.  Now I have to either go order a new one or just choose not to wear eyeglasses anymore.  But then, knowing the odds, I just have to consult with the ophthalmologist first.  I hope my eyes are okay now so I won’t have to wear glasses anymore. 🙂

VW is this weekend! 🙂  I still have a lot to read and my discipler was telling me to fast 3 days before. What?!  🙂

It’s been Day 8 of being motivated and I am happy.  So far so good.

Let me share with you this photo:

This bracelet is made up of chains.  But the jeweler, as skillful as he is, is able to create this fine bracelet.

From chain to jewelry.

I realized that in life, like a bracelet, chains can hinder us.  These chains can either be trials, sins, dreams, and fears.  They say that Jesus breaks the chain and set us free.  He not only breaks these chains but he also fixes whatever is left our lives.  He is the jeweler, who can make something of value out of something remnant.  He will use our experiences to create in us the character that we are supposed to be.  If we allow Him to mold us, to shape us, we can be as beautiful as He would want it to be.  We may think that it’s already hopeless.  Are you in doubt of His skills?  Are you looking for proof?  Look at the mountains, seas, trees, and everything on this earth and on the sky above, He created those for us.  He created these because He loves us.

Some people think that because of their past, they can never be used by God.  But God can turn the trials in our lives to be proof of His glory.  He can turn any situation to serve His purpose.  He, the most skilled of all, can make a worthless soul to be of greatest value.  He even died and conquered death so we can be saved, remember?  We just got to have faith.  We just have to allow Him to work in our lives.  To not doubt what He can do.  To be thankful for what He has done.  And as always, to follow Him.

God loves us so much. 🙂