Week 1

Several days after gaining back my motivation, it’s time for weight in…I lost 2 lbs!  🙂  Progress! 🙂

It’s always nice to have an ice cold tea 🙂  Get a pitcher of water, 5 kilos of ice tubes, 1 liter Nestea sachet, and drink to your heart’s content 🙂

It looks satisfying, right? 🙂

I went to the supermarket and for some reason, it makes me at peace.  I could imagine movie shot there like the ones I often see in movies.  I enjoyed looking at the vegetables, healthy rice, and meat.  I have a feeling that I’d be able to appreciate veggies more now.  I bought eggplant, carrots, brocolli, baguio beans, and tomatoes. 🙂  The question is, what should I do with them? 🙂

It’s KBS time.  I’m watching My Fair Lady.  Have a nice saturday!!! 🙂

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