Be your own cheerleader

Sponsored lunch today.  The urge to just indulge was not there.  I was able to control myself–control the portion of my food.

Today, I also talked with my roommate about calories.  Good thing she’s a nutritionist. 🙂  I’m glad to know that 3 pandesal is just around 100 Calories, the 5 cm x 5 cm size.  So nice!  I don’t know how long I would be craving for pandesal every morning but that is okay.  I will just allow myself until it subsides.

When I want something, when the desire is there, I can be persistent.  I would really look for ways to achieve whatever I desire given the resources that I have.  That is also true whenever I want to eat something.  I could travel to far away places just to have my food.  But then again, my definition of far away places are Manila to Mandaluyong/Makati/Pasay and back.  But then my food desires/cravings always subside.

I hope it’s also true to whatever unhealthy feelings that I feel.  May I always transform it into something useful.

I appreciate good/healthy food nowadays.  It’s like every food that I take counts that will add up to my nutrients.  Therefore, I feel bad if I had to choose junk foods over fruits or other healthy stuff.

I am also learning how to control my urges to eat whenever I’m frustrated or stressed.  I have observed that I would find the urge to eat whenever I feel something strong that I feel like I need to eat to be in control, or to be happy and so I stuffed myself with food but I did not really enjoy it fully because I feel like I’m violating my health.  One time, I was subjected to stress that I wanted to run and just eat.  I stopped and asked myself:  Am I really hungry?  Or am I just stressed?  When I asked myself those, the urge to give up on my control went away.

I have realized after almost one year of trying to find my motivation that we, ourselves, are our own cheerleader.  That it should be enough for us to love ourselves and take care of our bodies.  Although God won’t reject you just because of your weight, but by faith.  Just like Christians, whenever we feel discouraged and we have no friends around that we can turn to, it is beneficial to cheer ourselves up to be happy and joyful. We should also learn how to be an encouragement to others in whatever it is that we are dealing with.

Another accomplishment today is that I haven’t had a sip of sodas.  It’s been 3 days of no soda and 5 days of my weight loss journey.

HLS is happening right now in US.  I wish that I could be a part of this summit if not today, then next year. 🙂

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