The corn that is, that I ate this lunch.  I was surprised to find out that it is just 77 calories per ear–the medium size.

What I craved for today is the spaghetti of Jollibee.  I ate there as fast as I can before attending my small group.  I have to be fed to concentrate. 🙂  The strong salty, sweet, somewhat spicy flavor of the sauce combined with french fries dipped in the sauce made this meal awesome.  Finished the meal with very cold tea and I was satisfied.

I had banana cue again this afternoon.  I love banana.  But according to google, saba is a banana known as  “cardaba”.  I love the big, thick, chewy kind with only a little sugar.

Day 4 of getting my motivation back.  This takes a while but I am sure that I will get there. 🙂


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