Finding my way back to me

I’m talking about finding my motivation to get a hold of my health.  I am successful today, I should say, because I ate according to my set goal.  I did not overeat.

Breakfast is composed of crackers and iced tea.

Lunch is roasted chicken, corn and carrots, banana cue, and iced tea.

Dinner is two pan de sal and iced tea.

Iced tea again.  I know it’s not that healthy but it’s like coffee to me.  If people love coffee so much, my “coffee” is an iced almost tasteless Nestea. 🙂

Yesterday, I have observed that come afternoon, I was hungry again and I had to eat.  With hunger, I was almost enticed to give up.  It caused me to eat unhealthy food.  And so today, to avoid that, I had an afternoon snack (which became an early dinner)  just so I won’t crave for all kinds of food I could think of.  And it worked.  Come dinner, I was still satisfied.  I didn’t eat dinner because of that.

Some people I know skip meals.  One lady skips breakfast, and another one skips lunch.  It works.  They look slimmer after months of efforts.  But I really think and believe that we should not skip meals.  One of the rules for a diabetic patient is not to skip meals.  I think that healthy people like us, should follow this, too.  Not because of the risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level), but because we should not subject our bodies to bad stress.

Bad stress for me are things we do or take that make our body be unhealthy.

Good stress, for me, are things like proper exercise, diet, and well-being, well-hydrated, right amount of sleep.

I am glad, my motivation is back.  This time, I will hold on to it. 🙂