Act on it

The muscles around my stomach ached from a little customized sit-ups that I did this morning.  A pat on the back for me. 🙂  As for the food portion, I went beyond but not enough to gain weight.  No loss and no gain.  It’s good enough for me.  I think it’s just okay for me to go a little beyond because I was really hungry this evening that 2 pan de sal could not suffice.

I attended tonight’s service with J.  Pastor Julius Fabregas was the guest preacher 🙂  I realized tonight that if I want God’s blessings to manifest in my life, I have to ACT ON IT. 🙂

I was also moved by Sir PS when he shared what happened to the stock market and how good that God is in his life.  I pray that he will be strong and be joyful with God.


I’m taking that step again towards wellness.  I have found my motivation again.  It’s not the sameas before.  I’m taking it slowly but I’m gonna make sure that this time, I’m gonna be able to maintain it when I attain it. 🙂