I guess…

Sleeping not until it’s almost time to wake up again.  Been busy again for the past few days.  Passing through the eye of a needle.  But am I not an expert when it comes to that?  The only way to pass through that hard and almost narrow road is to toughen up a little.  Before we know it, the stitches of life will make a beautiful tapestry.  Tapestry.  I guess I’ve used that word or this description before.  But the eye of a needle–I guess not. 🙂

Reasons may not surface at our own whim.  You have to let it come to you.  And even if you don’t know, is that a reason not to have faith.  I guess faith happens when you don’t know what will happen and yet you think that it has already happened.  It’s higher than hope, I guess.

People may be hard to penetrate, but as they say, there’s no hard bread for a hot coffee (walang matigas na tinapay sa mainit na kape).  I guess it means that kindness and goodness softens the heart.

It’s rainy right now like I worry about my shoes and stuff like that.   Or maybe because I’m just tired and sleepy.

If you happen to hold on to read until this part, well…congrats!  Iguess, I just want to say something but don’t want to be specific so I try to be vague.

I guess…


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