Share the Word

Last Thursday, we had a small group meeting. We met at CBTL in Makati. The topic was sharing the word. As I left the meeting that night, I was thinking that there was no one that I know of yet whom to share the Word with. I was doing my review of whom to text before going to sleep when I received a message from my cousin asking me to read the Bible to her father. Now her father is something else…he’s not exactly the type who will just listen–he has an opinion of his own. We’ve had several encounters before when I was still young and so immature. I was scared of getting shouted at. But as written in the Bible, God is so good that He will not ever leave us especially when He commands us to do something. And so after some beating around the bush, I went to their house and asked how he was doing. Then he opened up and told me that his disease might cause him his life. That was when I started to share the Word. And I was surprised because he listened and responded to me.

It was as simple as that. He just listened. I read to him the story of David and Goliath.

Once again, I have witnessed the power of God. Thank You God for letting me witness a miracle. 🙂

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