Today, I had my big event.  Coordinating for a research contest in now over.  I can finally get some sleep.  Since last year, I was tasked to take care of a research contest among all of the areas in our department.  We have 3 big satellites which are open 24/7.  It was supposed to be concluded last April but since we were so busy then we decided to move the contest this month.  After all the nervousness, and not knowing whether people will come or not, it was finally done.

Doing an activity like this really needs a lot of teamwork.  Everyone is an important part of the team.  All the criticisms are okay now because we are able to finish an activity like this.

And of course, this has been successful because of God.  Because I lift this activity up to Him.  He made it happen.  Thank You po.

After work, I wanted to treat myself dinner but my stomach was still full and so I just decided to order not so heavy dinner and drink my favorite iced tea.  I’m still addicted to iced tea.  Then I craved for ice cream.  I love the Guinduia gelato from Caramia 🙂  It was raining when I went to the boarding house.

I need to sleep now to be energized 🙂