ACCP 2011 Fellowship Night



Attending the fellowship night is a good decision.  I didn’t mind the hours spent here.  It is worth it,  just by seeing pharmacists all over Asia dancing and having a good time is so touching and a rare experience.

The dinner started at 7pm.  Kudos to Unilab for the “Fiesta” theme (feast).  There were unlimited dirty ice cream, halo-halo, kakanin (sweet delicacies), and lechon (roast pork).  Aside from that, the rest of the viands are Jalal.  There were shrimps, fish, chicken, and beef.  The place is also overflowing with coffee, sodas, beer, and wine.

Spirit of 67 played and it got the people moving on the dance floor.  They were so happy.  I would have danced myself but there was no one to watch our belongings.  I just enjoyed listening to their music though.  The band was so energetic despite the age of the band members.  They played like 10 songs continuously.  What an energy!

Delegates from different countries also performed song, dance, and magic that depicted their country/culture best.  Philippines danced the Subli and 2 other dance numbers.  People’s Republic of China danced with their costume reminding us of the Peking Opera.  Hong Kong did some magic show.  I guess the writer of their skit is smart.  She was able to think of those ideas.  They also looked so young.  Iraq also performed.  I was touched by this number because only one delegate was there but he asked the participation of the audience.  At first he only asked 3 guys from US, Korea, and Japan, then before you know it, guys from the Philippines, Indonesia, and other men also joined the dance number.  It was touching to see men from different parts of Asia and US dancing together.  Indonesia sang three of its traditional songs.  I realized that Indonesians have cheerful music.

Japan also performed wearing their kimono.  They had this musical instrument unique to Japan.  They also sang a love song.  They were passionate people and Japanese really love their country.  They made us shout, “Be at your best Japan”.  At the end of their performance, we all gave them a standing ovation.

Korea also sang Arirang and they gave us a dance number just like the popular girl and boy bands in their country.  We enjoyed it of course because a lot of us were into K-pop 🙂

Singapore did a song number showcasing the 4 major languages in Singapore while showing a video made by their Tourism Board.  Oh wow, I still love Singapore.

Thailand gave us a song number.

The night ended with a raffle draw.  A lady from Korea won the 20-inch TV.