The Cause

We are now three in the group!!!  Yey!

You see, I joined a small group in the church and months had passed and I was the only member of the group aside from my leader.  We decided to just do One2One instead while waiting for the other ladies to join.  Last Tuesday, another lady joined us.  She used to be the leader of her small group in Quezon City and she switched to another job that was why she decided to just attend in Makati.

It’s been a great night because it made me think of reasons for bitterness.  I have looked deep, confronted it, lift it up to God.  My heart is lighter now.

Today is the first day of the Asian Conference for Clinical Pharmacy 2011 but it was raining hard here all over Luzon.  I will be attending tomorrow for the lectures, it’s gonna be heavy but I like it.  This is another chance.  It’s not often that a chance like this would be given to me.  I am excited to meet new friends 🙂