Father and Forgiveness

These two are the topics of yesterday’s preaching.

According to the pastor, in order to forgive anyone, we must first reconcile with God.  Until we do that, we won’t have the heart to forgive anyone.

Forgiveness is not only for the person we are forgiving, it’s more for us.  Such as honoring–it’s not for others really, it’s for us.  Our character will be shaped if we know how to honor others.

I guess a lot of church goers have some bad relationship with their fathers because a lot are wiping their tears as the service ended.  That is one thing that I won’t really relate to because 1) my father is more likely in heaven already and 2) my father has been so kind to me, not just to me but to all.  He’s been a great father, a great person, too.

We tend to see our father as a superhero–one of those who can do anything and who can solve anything.  But during the last few years of my Dad’s life, I’ve seen who he really is–his fears and weaknesses and I have also seen how he was able to conquer those and stand again.  He may be just an ordinary guy but his character is still intact–his character is golden and almsot Christ-like.

On to other topic, I think I will try to imitate the quite popular Juju cleansing.  But I don’t have the means to purchase the juice, that is why I will just mimic it.  I have to take multivitamins though.  I will try it for a day.  If I can tolerate that then I’m gonna try it the following day and so on until I can tolerate it for one week.