This afternoon was the first time that I handled a small group. I didn’t know if they learned anything from me but I hope so. I hope they are able to get to know Christ a bit more with what we have discussed and I hope that they will be able to apply the tips enumerated this afternoon on how to apply the Word in their lives. I don’t know what this means all I know is that I was presented with an opportunity, and I said yes. Because we all need to talk about God and study His Word, for our soul.  Last night or was it this morning…JR sent me a message asking what time slot and date I could help out at the Victory Weekend.  I immediately replied with Saturday because I have work on Friday.  I really hope I will be able to assist them.

Our topic this afternoon was about being strong in God.  How to be strong with God.  I hope it made sense to them.

God is working in my life.  Thank You God for everything.

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