Have Faith

My stool is healthy as per laboratory test 🙂  I was suffering from some gastrointestinal disorder for the past three weeks which is unusual.  I went to this doctor and he checked my abdomen.  He asked if I travelled to the South these past few days.  I told him I went to Bicol.  He asked for this specific test.  Two tests were done and the results were okay.  I am healthy.  Thank God.

I am changing within.  Like maybe growing deeper with how I accept things in my life.

Looking at the profiles of my friends who are now in all parts of the world, I could not help but look back at my own life.  I can say that with God in my life, a lot of wonderful things happened which I really never thought of before.  Honestly, I don’t know what is yet to come, but I know that because of Jesus, no matter what happens, I will be victorious.

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