The rain may have caused some delay in attending the tuesday service but I was still able to get there in time for the preaching.

It was based on Habakkuk and I got nervous yet hopeful with the point of the preaching. According to it, at the appointed time…though it may linger it will happen or be fulfilled. Whatever it is that we want in life if God promised it for you then it will be given to you at the appointed time.

It makes me hopeful because of this.

It also pointed out that no one can start and no one can stop whatever is the will of God. It is very nice to know that God is in charge.

I know that right now God is doing something for the fulfillment of His promises for us.

I also agree with not just waiting for God to fulfill His promise but more on wait on God.

I also enjoyed spending the night with friends. It is really nice to talk and share stories with friends.

What’s with the photo? Not really related to the post.  I just want to put pics.

Happy bday to my father whom for several years now, I believe, is in heaven. He would have been 68 by now.

And to M…if you happen to read this, happy bday, too. I hope you will visit us on a tuesday so we can bond in VCF. 🙂