When I don’t understand

God always favors me no matter what happens.  He always completes me.  I am never broken because of Him.

There are two types of tests.  The test of abundance/answered prayers and the test of unanswered prayer/lack.  It does not matter what test we are in, we just have to pass this test.  The question that we should answer correctly is how do we receive Jesus in this situation.  If we are rich and all of what we want has been given to us.  Have we reached out to others and obey what God asks us to do?  Or do we ignore God because we don’t seem to need Him.  If we are in dire need of financial help, we keep pursuing our dreams but no matter what we do it is not given to us.  Will we still love God despite Him “ignoring” us?  Will we be mad at Him?

The person who has been given a lot is no different from the person who doesn’t have anything.  We are all equal in the eyes of God.  You are not superior to anyone.  God loves all of us.  We are always called to accept Jesus as our Savior and King.  He is our God.  No matter what our situation is.  We should always hold on.  Be aware of what God wants us to do.  We can question Him but we should not turn away from Him.

A personal relationship with God is what is needed to make us know Him better.

God, I may not always understand but I will stay.  

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