Will you remember

Maalaala mo kaya (will you remember) is a show here in the Philippines which shows stories of people.  Beautiful stories.  Stories where there are moral lessons, inspirational.  This night, the story is about this two brothers who decided to go to Catbalogan, Samar from Manila.  They walked.

Nothing is impossible.  Just like these two.

I remembered my journey alone where I went my way just because I didn’t want to listen to them.  When I was five, our househelp didn’t want to bring me with her to our store.  I was really pissed off.  I decided to walk from our compound to the market.  On my way there, I was wearing a bakya (wooden slipper) and an umbrella.  I was crossing the high way.  It was scary but nothing bad happened to me.  When I arrived at our store, my Mom was so surprised that she pinched me at my side for being so stubborn.  This incident happened six years later, but this time, the distance from our store to our house was longer.  People kept looking at me.  I was wearing a sunday dress while walking at the sidewalk of a high way.  They made a joke that maybe I would walk from Manila to Lipa when I got older.  Good thing it didn’t happen. 🙂

Going back to the story in MMK, I am glad for stories like this because it gives hope.  If you want to watch this story, you can catch it at http://www.iwanttv.com.ph it is entitled “Tsinelas” (slippers).

I took this from Aleck’s album in FB.  We were in this nice restaurant which has roast chicken as its specialty.

Enjoy the rest of saturday 🙂