Mystique Layout

First of all, I searched the header from google and I would have linked the source of my header but somehow it has error and when I typed instead of clicked the link, the site linked on my Blogroll appeared.

I like this layout because it has a theme option color pink.  I’m pink at heart 🙂

I wanted coffee.  I told my Mom about it, “Ma, I want coffee…” I was thinking of having coffee tomorrow, but my Mom must have thought tonight because a while later she told me that I should just wait for the water to boil.  So sweet of her.

We also ate at McDo this afternoon.  I kinda have a monologue there, she seemed to be listening to me though.  Hehe 🙂  I can’t really read her mind.


The Chicken Rice Place is just newly opened in Robinson’s Place Manila.  This is a taste of Malaysian/Singapore food.  Yum!  I recommend this place.  Most affordable of this kind of resto here in the Philippines that I’ve tried so far.  Plus they have bottomless iced tea for Php 50.  Nice! 🙂