It was Monday morning, but because the long-time dream of Recto, when he was still a congressman is now a reality, the travel time to Manila has greatly decreased–instead of two hours, I could get to Manila in an hour. I did my morning routine without really worrying if I would get to Manila on time.

The AC blast on my skin caused red spots of reaction on my arms. Yes it was itchy but I have observed that after my arms have gone back to normal temperature, the spots disappear. So no extreme temperatures on my skin for now.

I reached my office and did work. It was hardwork. It was a busy day. Some things linger on my mind. They cause me to dread the day–discouraged and without hope most of the time–doubting the Creator of His great power. But should I stay at a corner? I can’t. I shouldn’t. I have to keep on. Do everything I can. Believing that it’s all part of His grand plan.  Have faith in God.  Before we know it, the ups and downs and twists and turns of life has created a beautiful tapestry of life that is meant for the glory of God.

Just like Bicol…I have realized that I had no “me” moments in Bicol (as I have posted before ) as compared to my experience in Zamboanga.  But then I realized last Sat or Sun (not really sure when…hehe) that what I had in Zamboanga is sort of like “worship” because I have realized that my life can be even beautiful and bright.  That God has a better plan for me.  I was constantly alone with my thoughts on God and my life that time.  It gave me the strength to move on and pick myself up.  But in Bicol, I was taught how to have fellowship.  I was constantly surrounded by the other delegates.  The truth is, I really enjoyed their company because they are all interesting people.  In my third convention, maybe it will be all about how to be like Christ. 🙂  And to end my Bicol thoughts, I would now keep my Bicol experiences as happy memories. 🙂

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