It was afternoon and I was dozing off when I heard a blast which woke me up…but no it was not really a blast but as soon as I woke up, it was Monsignor Boy on tv having the Homily.  It filled me with hope and it urged me to attend a service/mass.  I went to VCF and I was hoping that my favorite pastor would be the one to speak.  God has been kind because He granted me that request.

Sometimes it is hard to stay on.  But then we just have to keep on and along the way we can be given hope–sometimes just a spark but that spark can ignite a fire that can burn for so long.  I guess, it is during this time that we have the opportunity to grow in faith.

7 thoughts on “Faith

  1. True, jas. Sometimes it’s really hard to hang in there, especially when we have timelines set for ourselves. May mga moments din na narerealize ko na hindi pa wholehearted ang trust and faith ko. Can’t wait to attend Tuesday service. I need to connect with Him again.

    • kahit di natin feel minsan…kelangan mageffort pa rin tayo to connect…kase dun sa effort na yun…minsan nabubuksan ulit puso natin na mafeel si God sa buhay natin 🙂 see you tomorrow 🙂

  2. i love reading your realizations jas. kahit ang tagal ko nang Christian, natatamaan pa rin ako a lot of times sa mga statements of faith mo 🙂

    agree din ako sa sinabi ni meyms, the more we want to be consistent the more we are tempted to be otherwise. so hang in there lang tayo, pagsubok lang daw ito 🙂

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