Another Step Yeah!

My tastebud doesn’t like iced tea anymore.  Maybe I could tolerate the very diluted iced tea–the more ice the better.  Right now, I’d rather have water 🙂  I also want to eat fruits–pineapple, turnips (?), banana, watermelon, sweet corn.  I also want to jog.  Tomorrow, I will jog/walk…I just want aerobics.  My body is craving for it.  I will not try to go on a diet but I would try to eat healthier.  🙂  I am learning to love myself again as days go by.

No to carbonated drinks either!

I have to follow my tongue right now 🙂

7 thoughts on “Another Step Yeah!

  1. Wah, unfair, baket di ka makapag-comment sa blog ko? Hehe. Anyhoo, try mo Zumba. Parang nakakatuwa naman siya pero hindi ko pa nasimulan. Hahaha!

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