Chami is a dish of thick noodles with soy sauce, pepper, and veggies.  You can have it with beef, chicken or plain.   And this was what I had yesterday when I arrived home.  I have craved for it and I gave in.  Yum! 🙂  I ate at Renfel, near Lipa City Market.  They also have a branch at the Lipa City Bus Terminal.


This morning, after the service, my sister and I had lunch at Joey Pepperoni.  We decided to avail of the promo 199Php for two 8-inch pizzas with bottomless iced tea.  It’s nice. 🙂


I want to particularly talk about today’s preachings–STRONG.  VCF Lipa started the Strong series this sunday.  But I have the STRONG series in VCF Malate before.  I asked God why and the only answer I could think of is because I still have somehting to learn from this series.  True enough I am right.

They say that when we have received Jesus, we would turn away from sin.  However, a living sacrifice can crawl out from the altar, and so be lost once again.  So we have to always fill our life with God’s word.  So we will not grow astray.  When faced with temptation, what should we do?  How can we beat temptation so we will not sin anymore?

The answer is:  We should follow what Jesus did when he was tempted during his 40-day fast.

How do we follow Jesus?

1.  Read the Bible because the Scriptures are there.  Don’t just read it, memorize it, that way when we are faced with temptation we have a weapon against it.

2.  When faced with temptation, DECLARE this:  It is written that ” [say the verse]”.

The Word of God is powerful than the temptation we are facing.

What a great lesson, right? 🙂

Happy Sunday everyone! 🙂



Friday is Day 5, or should I say Day 4 of my path to 110 lbs 🙂  I have neglected to drink enough water because my stomach finally gave up and I had a painful incident at the restroom.  Too much iced tea is bad for the stomach.

This lunch, I went to the familiar fastfood chain and it was packed.  I wanted to eat lunch there to save time and I was already hungry, too.  I saw a guy sitting alone at that moment, I knew that he was with someone because of the other plate in front of him.  But the place was packed and I just wanted to eat and so I still decided to approach him and asked if I could sit with them.  The girl that he was with was a bit on the voluptuous side and I had to move my table just so we could eat comfortably.  A thought occured to me, is seat-sharing also done in other countries or is this just a culture in a fastfood or food places, or is it just me? I don’t mind sharing my seat just as long as they won’t do anything bad to me or to my food. 🙂

This photo was taken by Mumbaki.

About the photo:  A happy child in a not-so-ideal environment.  This kid is a survivor.  I hope he will be able to survive life with still a smile on his face. 🙂

Day 4 and happy

Photo by Mumbaki

I went over my caloric limit because I think it’s rude to say no to a treat from someone respectable just because I am on my weight loss journey.  Besides, the food that he ordered was healthy because it has tomatoes and lettuce; moreover, the food was so delicious that maybe all the food in France tastes that way 🙂  Well if that’s true, then I will definitely be obese if I were to live there.

Today, once again, God showed His immense power.  Thank God for He is powerful.

I am happy because I was able to see and talk with my relatives. 🙂

I want to serve the church because I want to serve God.


Today is the Day

Day 3 of discipline when it comes to food 🙂

Breakfast was composed of the usual crackers and iced tea.  It was raining but all for the love of iced tea, I went out to buy an iced tea.  Adiktus me. 🙂

Lunch.  I could not think of what I wanted to eat.  I called my Mom and told her about my visit to our sick relative who was admitted in my workplace.  While talking with her, I finally decided on buying banana cue (banana with caramelized sugar on a stick).  Then I went out of my way again to buy an iced tea.  But the store in which I usually buy my iced tea for lunch did not have it.  It didn’t annoyed me.  I just shrugged it off.  I decided to just buy from Jollibee even though I know that the price was way, way high.

But guess what?!  I was able to get the iced tea for half of its usual price.  How nice!  I asked the crew twice and he said that it was indeed a large iced tea.  Nice!  I went back to work so happy.  Thank God.

Happy to post here that my back is not that painful anymore.  It seldom aches like the pain is almost non-existent.

I visited my relative who is sick.  He has cancer and the kind of cancer that he has is known to have a bad prognosis.  My relative is already old at 77.  Seeing him made me think of Dad.  It made me miss Dad.  It hurts to see people in bed and feeling sick.  I just hope that he would stay as pain-free as possible.  I hope that he will be able to enjoy his life and be as comfortable as possible.  I hope that he will know God more deeply because of his condition.  I want to tell him all these things but he has a brother who is a priest.  His faith is taken care of I’m sure.  Maybe if he was awake when I visited him and I was able to talk with him, I might not have held the tears in my eyes.  Hmmm…I’m being dramatic here…:)

Took this when I was experimenting with my computer. 🙂

Just goofing off…hehe 🙂

Another Day


Another day conquered.  I am able to control what I eat.  Thank God for giving me the strength not to think too much of all the yummy foods.  However, I did crave for tuna sandwich.  But what I had in mind exactly is the Century Tuna Bangus in Fillet Spanish style in which the sauce is spicy.  E and I bought crack pandesal from French Baker.  It was a nice dinner.  Satisfying. 🙂

Breakfast, I had the usual choco sandwich but freshly cooked corn was available and so I bought one ear.  Consumed it in less than 10 minutes I think.  It was sweet and satisfying.

Lunch, I bought an iced tea and a double choco chip cookie.  The big one.

I have thought of walking along Baywalk just to start my exercise (one small step at a time…) but then exhaustion won over.  I didn’t even know why I felt so exhausted when all I did all day was sit in front of my computer and read about stuff.  But then a miracle–sort of happened.  When I arrived at my boarding house, I rested for a while.  When I finally went inside the bathroom, I was doing my evening routine when I realized that there was no tumbler for my pail of water.  Good thing, our bathroom also had shower spout.  I used the shower instead but if I have a choice, I’d use the tumbler and pail when taking a bath.  The water sufficed.  And after taking a bath, I was so refreshed.  Like my exhaustion was gone and my back didn’t ache a bit while I was taking a bath.  I even enjoyed it.  Reason why I use the word enjoy is because it is cold here in the Philippines.  For some reason, it’s March now and it’s supposed to be humid already but it’s still cold like it is Christmas season still.  And taking a bath, with no warm water, is torture.