Chami is a dish of thick noodles with soy sauce, pepper, and veggies.  You can have it with beef, chicken or plain.   And this was what I had yesterday when I arrived home.  I have craved for it and I gave in.  Yum! 🙂  I ate at Renfel, near Lipa City Market.  They also have a branch at the Lipa City Bus Terminal.


This morning, after the service, my sister and I had lunch at Joey Pepperoni.  We decided to avail of the promo 199Php for two 8-inch pizzas with bottomless iced tea.  It’s nice. 🙂


I want to particularly talk about today’s preachings–STRONG.  VCF Lipa started the Strong series this sunday.  But I have the STRONG series in VCF Malate before.  I asked God why and the only answer I could think of is because I still have somehting to learn from this series.  True enough I am right.

They say that when we have received Jesus, we would turn away from sin.  However, a living sacrifice can crawl out from the altar, and so be lost once again.  So we have to always fill our life with God’s word.  So we will not grow astray.  When faced with temptation, what should we do?  How can we beat temptation so we will not sin anymore?

The answer is:  We should follow what Jesus did when he was tempted during his 40-day fast.

How do we follow Jesus?

1.  Read the Bible because the Scriptures are there.  Don’t just read it, memorize it, that way when we are faced with temptation we have a weapon against it.

2.  When faced with temptation, DECLARE this:  It is written that ” [say the verse]”.

The Word of God is powerful than the temptation we are facing.

What a great lesson, right? 🙂

Happy Sunday everyone! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Weak

  1. last year lang ako nagstart mag-read ng bible and na-surprise ako kasi andami pala talagang practical advice na makikita don, and it’s not limited to the proverbs. dami mo talaga matututunan. at totoo yon, kahit hindi sa temptation, kahit pag humihingi ka lang ng protection or grace, laking tulong ng mga verses pag naaalala mo.:)

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