Friday is Day 5, or should I say Day 4 of my path to 110 lbs 🙂  I have neglected to drink enough water because my stomach finally gave up and I had a painful incident at the restroom.  Too much iced tea is bad for the stomach.

This lunch, I went to the familiar fastfood chain and it was packed.  I wanted to eat lunch there to save time and I was already hungry, too.  I saw a guy sitting alone at that moment, I knew that he was with someone because of the other plate in front of him.  But the place was packed and I just wanted to eat and so I still decided to approach him and asked if I could sit with them.  The girl that he was with was a bit on the voluptuous side and I had to move my table just so we could eat comfortably.  A thought occured to me, is seat-sharing also done in other countries or is this just a culture in a fastfood or food places, or is it just me? I don’t mind sharing my seat just as long as they won’t do anything bad to me or to my food. 🙂

This photo was taken by Mumbaki.

About the photo:  A happy child in a not-so-ideal environment.  This kid is a survivor.  I hope he will be able to survive life with still a smile on his face. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Molded

  1. I’m pretty sure you’ve changed your template since I was here last. Looks good.

    While drinking water is important, it can also be a pain. I find the best way todrink water is to cup my hands and drink that way (I think I mentioned this before and you replied that at work this isn’t exactly hygenic).

    I think taking up all available seats is something that only happens in fast food type restaurants. In other eateries, people don’t share their tables.

    • yeah…i change my template often…one disadvantage for wordpress as compared with blogger but wordpress themes are improving 🙂

      for me, i guess, drinking cold water will greatly help because it feels nicer to my throat–i think 🙂

      i agree, supposing i was in a fine dining restaurant, i wouldn’t share my table with a stranger…hehe…i would wait to be seated 🙂

      you’ve been away so long 🙂

      • yeah, over the yearsI have become and erratic blogger and visitor – I think what makes it worse is that I read all the older posts and then catch up on my comments – effectively, “comment bombing” the blogger.

  2. Right now I am reading the book Women, Food and God. Have you read it? So far I like it. I hope you have a great weekend full of smiles! Thank you for your sweet comments 🙂

  3. but if i had a restaurant, i want it to be small and packed so everybody has to sit close to each other so they’d make friends. hehe. and share seats, too. lol.

  4. i share seats with people din. lalo na kung takeout naman ako. hehe. pero minsan i get uncomfortable pag mashado silang marami. parang naiinvade space ko. 😛

  5. i share seats especially when im alone. Kebs kung madami sila o isa lang sya. As long as they dont irritate me. Hehehe. Mnsn ksi me mga nakikiupo na nakakairita e. =D ok lng dn s kin small talks, if im in the mood to talk. =D

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