Today is the Day

Day 3 of discipline when it comes to food 🙂

Breakfast was composed of the usual crackers and iced tea.  It was raining but all for the love of iced tea, I went out to buy an iced tea.  Adiktus me. 🙂

Lunch.  I could not think of what I wanted to eat.  I called my Mom and told her about my visit to our sick relative who was admitted in my workplace.  While talking with her, I finally decided on buying banana cue (banana with caramelized sugar on a stick).  Then I went out of my way again to buy an iced tea.  But the store in which I usually buy my iced tea for lunch did not have it.  It didn’t annoyed me.  I just shrugged it off.  I decided to just buy from Jollibee even though I know that the price was way, way high.

But guess what?!  I was able to get the iced tea for half of its usual price.  How nice!  I asked the crew twice and he said that it was indeed a large iced tea.  Nice!  I went back to work so happy.  Thank God.

Happy to post here that my back is not that painful anymore.  It seldom aches like the pain is almost non-existent.

I visited my relative who is sick.  He has cancer and the kind of cancer that he has is known to have a bad prognosis.  My relative is already old at 77.  Seeing him made me think of Dad.  It made me miss Dad.  It hurts to see people in bed and feeling sick.  I just hope that he would stay as pain-free as possible.  I hope that he will be able to enjoy his life and be as comfortable as possible.  I hope that he will know God more deeply because of his condition.  I want to tell him all these things but he has a brother who is a priest.  His faith is taken care of I’m sure.  Maybe if he was awake when I visited him and I was able to talk with him, I might not have held the tears in my eyes.  Hmmm…I’m being dramatic here…:)

Took this when I was experimenting with my computer. 🙂

Just goofing off…hehe 🙂

5 thoughts on “Today is the Day

  1. I tihnk an egg (boiled) would be a better way to start the day (you could have some crackers). While an egg does exactly fill up the belly, if you can wait the “magical” 20 minutes or so it takes for the body to register you’ve eaten, you will find it is quite sustaining.

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