Another Day


Another day conquered.  I am able to control what I eat.  Thank God for giving me the strength not to think too much of all the yummy foods.  However, I did crave for tuna sandwich.  But what I had in mind exactly is the Century Tuna Bangus in Fillet Spanish style in which the sauce is spicy.  E and I bought crack pandesal from French Baker.  It was a nice dinner.  Satisfying. 🙂

Breakfast, I had the usual choco sandwich but freshly cooked corn was available and so I bought one ear.  Consumed it in less than 10 minutes I think.  It was sweet and satisfying.

Lunch, I bought an iced tea and a double choco chip cookie.  The big one.

I have thought of walking along Baywalk just to start my exercise (one small step at a time…) but then exhaustion won over.  I didn’t even know why I felt so exhausted when all I did all day was sit in front of my computer and read about stuff.  But then a miracle–sort of happened.  When I arrived at my boarding house, I rested for a while.  When I finally went inside the bathroom, I was doing my evening routine when I realized that there was no tumbler for my pail of water.  Good thing, our bathroom also had shower spout.  I used the shower instead but if I have a choice, I’d use the tumbler and pail when taking a bath.  The water sufficed.  And after taking a bath, I was so refreshed.  Like my exhaustion was gone and my back didn’t ache a bit while I was taking a bath.  I even enjoyed it.  Reason why I use the word enjoy is because it is cold here in the Philippines.  For some reason, it’s March now and it’s supposed to be humid already but it’s still cold like it is Christmas season still.  And taking a bath, with no warm water, is torture.

6 thoughts on “Another Day

  1. Be thankful you have water. In Christchurch, they could not brush their teeth for a week after the earthquake. I love canned tuna but it’s getting to be very expensive here, and sardines too.

    • thinking that i am now overweight…i must really discipline myself or else i don’t think i’d be able to forgive myself easily if I were to get sick 🙂

    • haha :)… i’m not sure if it’s cracked or crack but it’s the name of the bread from French Baker 🙂

      Have you eaten a pandesal? or maybe pandesal is only available here in the philippines 🙂

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