Walk with me

Because I can’t really write something that I really want to talk about here because my mind is a bit “blank” right now.  Here are some things that make me grateful:

1.  A very nice conversation with someone with a strong faith.  We talked about the differences in religion and her own journey and how I could relate to her. 🙂

2.  The blouse given to me by my kind friend.  I don’t have to worry about buying new clothes because people are kind enough to give me some. 🙂

3.  Learning God’s Word with E.  I told him about the sunday’s service and what I have been learning about PDL.

4.  The new theme from WordPress.

5.  Learning something new about the lungs.

6.  Able to control the food that I eat. 🙂


Just some random pic because my blog is all words and no pics.  Sorry, the food that I usually eat is not that good-looking…haha and when I eat something great, I don’t have my camphone with me.

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