I want to write about this particular topic but right now, I think it is best to just put it into practice because it is better that way.

Someone treated me with one ear of sweet corn.  The corn tasted so sweet.  I enjoyed eating it.  I felt full until lunch.  However, around 2pm (I think), my stomach started grumbling but I could not leave the presentation just to eat and so I bore it.  After work, someone treated me with pizza.  I had 2 slices.  I also had few oz of Coke.  Afterwards, I felt satisfied but sad.  Sad because I overate.  But then again, when I computed my caloric intake, it was still within my required intake.  My hope went up.  I felt motivated again.

Lesson learned:  Don’t give up. Even if you overate, you can still save the day by not adding more than should be to your caloric intake.  Meaning, if you are not hungry then don’t eat.  🙂

Today, I am thankful for:

  1. People giving me treats me thus I was able to save some bucks 🙂
  2. E’s patience
  3. God’s time with E
  4. Reading some chapters from the Book of Job
  5. Having my second copy of the Purpose Driven Life.
  6. Reading blogs of my favorite people 🙂
  7. Being serenaded with religious music as we were about to pray
  8. Realizing that a friend is safe because she went on a vacation
  9. Seeing a friend and her friendly daughter inside the bus as we were going home
  10. People giving me a helping hand


First of all, I am still not able to take a picture of those pastel colored pencils, maybe I won’t be able to do so because I have already sharpened the lavender one and it’s inside the drawer of my office table.

I’ve mentioned before that I am rereading the Purpose Driven Life.  Reading it again is such a blessing because I understand now that I have to keep in mind that this life is preparation for the next.  I read this from PDL.  I just want to share this with you.

I am also happy because E is understanding and gentle.  I hope all the best for us.


Let’s talk about food.  A part of my daily staple is SKYFLAKES.  It is a cracker made locally.  Ever since I was a child, I have memories of eating this.  The smell reminds me of childhood when I would spend my time roaming our pretty, clean, and peaceful village while munching on these crackers.  Now that I am already working, I still love the smell of these crackers.  I have observed that the taste of Skyflakes doesn’t change at all over the years.

One individual pack of these is just 120Calories, good for my weight management efforts.  I love eating this in the morning.  Now I know that it lacks certain nutrients and I am not saying that this is very healthy, I’m just saying that I love eating this in the morning.  (Defensive…hehe )

In case you are wondering, here are the ingredients:  wheat flour, vegetable shortening (Hydrogenerated Coconut & Palm Oil), Iodized Salt, Sugar, Baking Soda & Yeast.