Last night, I could not sleep right away.  I was thinking about my dreams.  I was like telling God about this particular dream.  I am confused.  Someone told me that to know the will of God for me, I should have a relationship with God–a deeper relationship.


This morning the Pastor shared that it is easy to worship God when what we want is what He gives us, when everything that we want to fall in the place where we want it to fall.  But when things do not go according to what we want, then that is something else.

For the first time this morning, I cried.  The Word of God has touched my heart.

My sister went with me to the church today.  Afterward, we dropped by our store and discovered that Mom and my sister-in-law were eating breakfast meal from Jollibee, the most popular food chain in the Philippines.  My sister and I decided to have lunch there because we got enticed by the food they were eating.

Also, I am rereading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

Lesson I’ve realized that I should learn:  I need to get over myself because it’s not about me, it’s about God.

3 thoughts on “Me

    • try reading it once, i did that like five years ago. i learned some lessons but i didn’t really get it. It’s only now that I’m understanding the book. 🙂

  1. minsan may moments talaga na sobrang swak ng preaching. more than once na ko umiyak sa service. kahit praise and worship pa lang, kung sakto ung song, dire-diretso na un. it makes me feel better after, parang nabunutan ng tinik. 🙂

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